Collector Bureau provides exclusive Art Advisory service designed for collectors who want to start or grow their collection through research based on quality rather than quantity. We believe that great collections are always born from expertise and experience.

The poetry of collected objects is the authentic home of what we love”*

Collector Bureau is an exclusive advisory service that stems from the desire to celebrate the profound value of collecting in its various forms and declinations. The core of our advisory activity is dedicated to contemporary art, to the profound value of witnessing and communicating artistic expression and its poetic value.
We collaborate with the most interesting galleries, foundations, private collections and realities operating today in the field of contemporary art and collectibles.

Collector Bureau is a dynamic company that provides consultancy and intermediation, creating a network of relationships that is not bound by the restrictive mechanisms that a gallery is subject to.
Constant research, flexible skills and the way in which we operate as researchers of works and objects of value allow us to identify the most interesting artists and works on the market, thus guaranteeing solid future growth and an excellent long-term investment, as well as the greatest freedom and independence in the selection proposed.

* Tratto da Orhan Pamuk, Il museo dell’innocenza, 2008

Like any journey, collecting needs a guide, people who can show us the way and give us the tools we need to be able to grasp, before we can collect that value. No one would ever climb Mount Everest without relying on an expert guide or without having the necessary skills, so Collector Bureau performs the same task in the world of art and collectibles, revealing a new and safe path, offering the collector the necessary tools to deepen his passion.

Advisory service

In the early stages of formulating a collection, understanding is developed through education. Collector Bureau, in order to modulate the time a collector has at his disposal and make the knowledge experience enjoyable and effective, schedules visits to galleries and museums, auction previews and participation in art fairs. If desired, the creation of a research library dedicated to personal edification, the organisation of a series of informal lectures and focuses on certain topics, intuitive and interactive webinars through a proposal contaminated by images and thoughts, to offer a private and stimulating exchange of ideas.

Experienced collectors, on the other hand, require a different curatorial methodology, focusing on deepening and exploring their existing collection through the enrichment of additional works. They often find themselves repeatedly dealing with the same small group of gallery owners. It is undeniable that long-established relationships with the art world have to be maintained and strengthened, but it is also wise to continuously cultivate new relationships: artists are constantly moving, they are shared between international galleries with increasing regularity, the poetics of the art world are always in turmoil and constantly changing. New contacts reveal new artistic practices to the experienced collector.

Whether for the sake of making a lasting investment or for the sheer desire to possess beauty, Collector Bureau is the partner of excellence for moving with expertise in this fantastic world. is the private archive through which interested parties, after registering, can always have access to the many proposals, constant updates and a direct contact with us for any kind of information or advice.

Our aim is to make everything about the start and growth of a collection as easy as possible. We propose what our experts consider to be the best solution, we offer private advice in order to understand and identify the most suitable works for each need, and we follow every phase of the acquisition to guarantee quality, professionalism and comfort.

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